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Doujinchan is back!

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Welcome to Doujinchan's featured game thread.

This board is for game development but you're welcome to post your finished games too.

ITT users will vote for a game in this board to be featured in the sidebar and reviewed by our team and Steam Curator(if said game is on Steam).


Make a thread for your game's development for a chance to be featured, we will host polls to vote.

Board guidelines
◘Please be civil and respect one another, although we do believe in free speech, we expect users to be intelligent and their contributions tasteful, very negative criticism is obviously allowed as long as it's objective.

◘Avoid bringing up any personal drama about developers or anyone in this site.

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File: 1538776423885.png (213 KB, 638x480, metalbird tactics title.png)


MetalBird Tactics is an isometric turn based strategy war game, a few Doujinchan staff members are helping with it.

Get the latest build here: https://balthasar02.itch.io/metalbird

This thread will be updated with its development process, feel free to contribute with your suggestions or ideas.

About the game:

MetalBird Tactics is a war turn based Strategy game where you build your formation choosing between two factions, with ten units each and a wide range of combinations to make, to challenge the enemy strategy.

You have only 10.000 credits to spend on your formation, so you will have to choose your units carefully.

Your objective is to destroy the enemy Mobile Base Unit at all costs, Be careful commander, because you are to face tough resistance.

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File: 1538776839336.png (271.37 KB, 630x480, metalbird tactics4.png)

Some screenshots

File: 1537235249235.png (2.83 MB, 1240x1748, fuc231.png)




I have several projects currently active- and will attempt to keep a record of their status here.
At present, I have several- in fact too many.


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I liked Safety a lot, your stuff is really cool, the best of luck with your projects.

File: 1537237223170.png (91.33 KB, 320x302, vindictivedrivebanner2g.png)


Instead of making multiple threads for the games I've been making, I'll make one for all the updates and development.

Vindictive Drive: Thriller/Action/Stealth(Complete, commercial)
You can get it here: https://balthasar02.itch.io/vindictive-drive


File: 1537237396841.png (398.99 KB, 566x505, battleofinstinctkameko.png)

Battle of Instinct: Fighting/Reflexes(Demo, free)
I find this one addictive, you can get it here:


File: 1537237705107.png (148.85 KB, 608x470, 0am2.png)

War of Existence:Fall of the Saints: Action/Sci-Fi(Just started it)

It's the reboot of my first game, you can't get this one yet, but I have planned major graphic improvements, very extended gameplay and fully animated cutscenes like this WIP:


Old game: https://balthasar02.itch.io/warofexistence

This remake will add a second part to the story after the battle of the Saint Elite Tower, a lot of new characters and a much better game.

Planned changes:

>Total graphic remake

>All cutscenes replaced with animated versions of them
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File: 1536947194918.jpg (11.65 KB, 234x187, shoujo_kidan.jpg)


ITT we will post Chesir's translation projects, the first one in the list is Shoujo Kidan, a horror game by lol_rust.


Those having problems with missing files even after using japanese locale download this version:


This game requires RPG Maker 2000/3 RTP


File: 1536947633466.png (51.95 KB, 322x200, title.png)

Shoujo Gidan, another horror game by lol

Game download:

This game requires RPG Maker VX Ace RTP


File: 1536948506216.jpg (24.4 KB, 585x448, Milyabylolrust.jpg)

Milya, also by lol_rust, this one's very different from the previous games, though.

Get it here:


I've been working a game for 3 years, but wanna take a break a make a fun little horror rpgm game. It sounds like such a good time!


That's really cool, feel free to start a thread about your project(s) if you wish, my personal experience tells me small but productive breaks can help you keep a fresh mind.
Let's just keep this thread for the discussion of Chesir's translations just in case players need help. I am aware people experienced a lot of errors, mostly engine or locale issues.

File: 1536901041121.png (19.31 KB, 386x250, 1536795856582.png)


I will share my updates of my YNFG 'Dreaming Tootsie' in this thread.

This fangame has some story but is mainly exploration, like Yume Nikki, and has a focus on completing tasks. There will be both effects and items that can be used to complete these tasks.

You play as Tootsie, a barn cat turned house cat, wishes to be human so she can fulfill her dream of rescuing kittens like herself alongside her owner. When she meets a wise old cat, Raleigh, who promises to help grant her wish if she completed tasks for him in her dreams, her wish could be achieved. She sets off into the dream world to try to bring her dreams to reality.

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