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Doujinchan is back!

File: 1537237223170.png (91.33 KB, 320x302, vindictivedrivebanner2g.png)


Instead of making multiple threads for the games I've been making, I'll make one for all the updates and development.

Vindictive Drive: Thriller/Action/Stealth(Complete, commercial)
You can get it here: https://balthasar02.itch.io/vindictive-drive


File: 1537237396841.png (398.99 KB, 566x505, battleofinstinctkameko.png)

Battle of Instinct: Fighting/Reflexes(Demo, free)
I find this one addictive, you can get it here:


File: 1537237705107.png (148.85 KB, 608x470, 0am2.png)

War of Existence:Fall of the Saints: Action/Sci-Fi(Just started it)

It's the reboot of my first game, you can't get this one yet, but I have planned major graphic improvements, very extended gameplay and fully animated cutscenes like this WIP:


Old game: https://balthasar02.itch.io/warofexistence

This remake will add a second part to the story after the battle of the Saint Elite Tower, a lot of new characters and a much better game.

Planned changes:

>Total graphic remake

>All cutscenes replaced with animated versions of them
>Major gameplay improvements
>New skill tree build system, the player will be able to choose which skills to learn, many passive and active skills will be added
>+10 hours of gameplay, minimum
>Minor character design changes

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