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MetalBird Tactics is an isometric turn based strategy war game, a few Doujinchan staff members are helping with it.

Get the latest build here: https://balthasar02.itch.io/metalbird

This thread will be updated with its development process, feel free to contribute with your suggestions or ideas.

About the game:

MetalBird Tactics is a war turn based Strategy game where you build your formation choosing between two factions, with ten units each and a wide range of combinations to make, to challenge the enemy strategy.

You have only 10.000 credits to spend on your formation, so you will have to choose your units carefully.

Your objective is to destroy the enemy Mobile Base Unit at all costs, Be careful commander, because you are to face tough resistance.

-Active Time, units will move faster than others depending on their stats.
-Two factions and 20 units in total in the current build.
-Three difficulty settings.
-Four maps.
-You can develop multiple combinations and strategies to defeat the enemy formation.

Planned features:
-A third Faction, the Arkanian Union, they use specialized infantry and subtle tactics combined with anti armor.
-More maps.
-More units.
-More game modes.
-More difficulty settings.
-Spanish translation
-Animated scenes
-Superweapons, they will be called by the MBU through the collection of Tech Points


File: 1538776839336.png (271.37 KB, 630x480, metalbird tactics4.png)

Some screenshots

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