What is Doujinchan?

Doujinchan is an imageboard dedicated towards doujin culture, circles and indie media creation. Imageboards are similar to your run of the mill forum, albeit with no registration required and the option to post anonymously. There are boards (e.g /www/ - Japanese Culture) dedicated to a variety of topics, and every imageboard is different as the userbases develop their own micro-culture. Here in Doujinchan we aim for a civil but critic userbase, mainly for game developers and doujin enthusiasts.
For more info about imageboards and how they work visit: http://yotsubasociety.org/imageboardguide/

What's Uboachan?

The Motherland Imageboard, it's a Yume Nikki fansite with a long history of contributions to the YN fanbase, this website is currently hosted in Uboachan servers.

How can I contact staff/administration?

Make a thread or post in an existing one on /sugg/. We do listen and we reply on a short notice, so don't hesitate!

Who are the current Doujinchan staff members?

◘Balthasar02/Seagal: Owner/Operator
◘MikuLeRoux: Admin/Moderator
◘Chesir: Admin/Moderator
◘DrNanny: Admin/Moderator
◘Kaguya/Yui: Admin/Moderator