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Doujinchan revived! — by Balthasar02/Seagal at 09/16/18 (Sun) 04:22:17

After 5 years we're finally back, this site is managed by Secret Society Games/Patchy Illusion Team, a group of developers and content creators with origins in Uboachan.

Doujinchan is an imageboard dedicated mainly to discussion of game development, we will host events, feature outstanding games, translations and reviews.


1-No illegal content, this isn't place for cheese pizzas or announcing your snow sale.
2-No drama of any kind, I want a chill community here.
3-No board wars.
4-I'm going to moderate this like a 12 years old Garrys Mod server admin and I don't care if you have a problem with this, as I said, I want a chill community.
5-Avoid heated topics such as politics or religion.


SSG website:

SSG Steam Curator:

Patchy Illusion Team's scanlations project:

SSG Wikia with info about all our projects:

What's an imageboard?
It's an image based bulletin board where anyone can post images and comments, there are boards dedicated to a variety of topics, every imageboard is different as the userbases develop their own micro-culture.

Here in Doujinchan we aim for a civil but critic userbase, mainly for game developers and doujin enthusiasts.

For more info about imageboards and how they work visit:

What's Uboachan?
The Motherland Imageboard, it's a Yume Nikki fansite with a long history of contributions to the YN fanbase, this website is currenly hosted in Uboachan servers.

◘Balthasar02/Seagal -Owner/Operator

◘MikuLeRoux: -Admin/Moderator

◘Chesir:: -Admin/Moderator

◘DrNanny: -Admin/Moderator

◘Kaguya/Yui: Admin/Moderator

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