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Doujinchan is back!

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Anyone here has experience with martial arts or combat sports? What are your favourite styles?

I'm a Taekwon-Do ITF black belt(now retired) I have 6 years of experience, but I liked martial arts all my life, I also have experience in boxing and Full Contact.
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I always wanted to join martial arts but they don't really do it competitively where I live


Practiced a few but Kyokushin is my fave at the moment


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Kyokushin is great, it's an intimidating style, even though it's modern, it's very traditional but still very practical nowdays because it keeps evolving, not all martial arts can keep both, I don't think Wing Chun aged too well.

I like tradition but even decent schools make a religious show out of it, I find board breaking extremely overhyped and boring.


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I used to do karate as a toddler/child but I barely remember anything. I think I still have my uniform and belt laying around somewhere. Outside of that, I had basic martial art lessons in case I got my ass jumped.


I heard the US has a lot of McDojos. Does anyone have experience with those?

I remember almost died of shame when I discovered things like "musical kata" exist, but most martial arts exhibitions are a big joke to make the style look as flashy as possible, and it's almost as if federations encouraged this trend.

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Lets have a Ketchup thread


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Shovelware megathread, I start with an obvious one, Arcane Raise


Dude that game literally gave me 37 or so achievements instantly


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this one is a classic

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