Global rules

  1. You must be over 18 years old.
  2. No illegal content, this isn't place for cheese pizzas or announcing your snow sale.
  3. No drama of any kind, I want a chill community here.
  4. No board wars.
  5. I'm going to moderate this like a 12 years old Garrys Mod server admin and I don't care if you have a problem with this, as I said, I want a chill community.
  6. Avoid any form of disruptive behavior.

In addition, Doujinchan staff might act at their discretion and crack down on conduct which they deem to be destructive to the community.

Posting guidelines

Besides the rules, here is some stuff we really don't want you to do. We won't ban/warn you immediately for partaking in one of these, but users will get pissed at you and demand board wars if you take part in any of the following:

  1. Avoid heated topics such as religion or politics.
  2. Don't derail threads and keep the topic on track.
  3. Try to be civil, disagree with class.
  4. Don't reveal any personal info.
  5. Even though we do believe in free speech, being discriminatory in any way may get you a ban, not because of social sensitivity, but because it simply doesn't benefit discussion, it is considered disruptive behavior.
  6. On the same line, don't be easily offended by what you read or see here, if you find something unpleasant that breaks the rules, do not engage, report it.

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