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Doujinchan is back!

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Memes you fell for:

>I actually installed Gentoo


I installed (Gahnoo/)Linux from Scratch. Can't say it's a meme, as it was a refreshing experience. But you really need to install a package manager to make it usable. After some initial hurdles, I managed to install dpkg+apt, and the system was (sort of) functional.


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They told me linux was fun.
I still don't understand how installing arch from scratch when you didn't know shit about linux and spending hours counter-engineering to set up a browser is fun.

It was pretty great for learning about how a OS works though, but damn. It was a pain, not fun.


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>I went to college and studied CS
>AMD 6850
>Only open source


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Arch wasn't that bad/hard to install on my first time. The problem is that their wiki is absolute dogshit and non-sequential and the middle school users who go "WOW I INPUT 5 COMMANDS ON TTY THIS SO HACKER AND HARD" give the distro a bad reputation, and coupled with the really shitty wiki, new users will immediately jump and say "oh, it's supposed to be hard right? guess ill try again".

But there really is no difficulty on partitioning/mounting/makingfilesystem for a disk, then downloading the base system contents into the hard drive and installing a boot loader.
You can do it in like 10 command inputs. Any hassle afterwards is just fiddling around with random .conf's and then just doing something like:

pacman S xfce4 && tlp && pulseaudio && firefox && lightdm && lightdmgtk-greeter && {GUIpacmanofchoice}

and get a decently functioning system and never touch the CLI again.
[code] tag when?


Now that I actually know my way around OS's and general linux, I see that it isn't that hard (specially now that they've improved the installation procedures). However, take in mind that happened before systemd was implemented and I didn't know shit about linux. I wasn't scared of the CLI, but hell, finding random .config files everywhere and trying to get drivers and stuff to work was way too time consuming to actually be any "fun". Not to mention that when I finished it barely survived lightweight DEs like lxde without freezing for a few seconds and going full autistic. "But it works fantastic on old hardware!", yeah, my balls.

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